THE X Factor has lost its wow factor if yesterday’s audition in Colchester is anything to go by.

Cher Townrow was the only pop star wannabe during the first hour of yesterday’s auditions at the Red Lion Hotel.

Producers had been expecting queues, but were left trying to entice unwilling auditionees through the doors.

It is thought only 15 to 20 people attended auditions all day.

X Factor officials refused to comment.

It was a far cry from last year’s auditions in Red Lion Walk.

More than 100 auditionees queued from 6.30am to have a shot at stardom.

Ben Howard, who runs Keep Colchester Cool to promote the town’s music and arts scene, said: “I would like to think it was because the X Factor has lost its X Factor, not Colchester, but it was terribly promoted.

Cher, 40, from New Town, Colchester, had an unsuccessful audition.

She said: “I was just walking past and saw it on the sign.

“At home I can sing brilliantly but it just didn’t happen here.

“I’m surprised no one else was here though. There aren’t any people, I just don’t understand.

“It could be the cold weather.”