In today's Gazette: A thug with a gun has targeted a Colchester couple's two cats.

Police beleive Christelle Clarke's pets have been deliberately shot. Dexter had to have an eye removed after being shot while Barne6y was found with an airgun pellett lodged in his neck.

* A mother stunned midwives by giving birth to a daughter weighing nearly 11 pounds. Rose Draper, who has three other children, gave birth to Lilly-Anne who weighed 10lbs 10ozs.

* Calls have been made to hold a meeting in a bid to resolve the disputes surrounding an historic Colchester building.

Tiptree jam makers Wilkin and Sons have withdrawn its plan to open a tea room in Tymperleys, the 15th century building once lived in by Royal physician William Gilberd. Now calls have been made to pool ideas in a bid to find a new occupant.

* A mum is campaigning to raise awareness of a life-threatening condition which has affected her daughter since birth. Georgia Simons, two, was born with a transposition of the great vessels and had to undergo surgery soon after she was was born.

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