In today's Gazette: A trial banning cars from Colchester High Street will start in 55 days.

Only buses, taxis, bicycles and motorbike will be allowed to use the road between 11am and 6pm from March 17.

<li> A disabled pensioner produced a stunning display of strength to pull a burning caravan away from his home.

Police and fire crews went to Rockhampton Walk, Colchester, after arsonists set fire to Roy Griffith's caravan. But Roy, 68, who has arthritis, pulled the blazing remains of his caravan away from the house moments before it went up in flames.

<li> A gran has spoken of her gratitude after police, coastguards and residents searched for her granddaughters after they went missing.

Twins Cheyenne and Paris-Louise, 12, sparked a 14 hour search after they went missing in the freezing cold. They were found near Dovercourt Swimming Pool.

<li> Tributes have been paid to a university lecturer and former Colchester schoolgirl who killed herself after a prolonged dispute with her neighbours.

Dr Suzanne Dow, 33, who attended St Helena School and Colchester Sixth Form College, took an overdose of pills after saying neighbours in Nottingham made her life a misery.

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