A FAST food chain is facing an uphill battle to get permission to build a drive-thru restaurant after parish councillors signalled their intention to oppose the application.

Ardleigh Parish Council intends to object to KFC’s plans to build the drive-thru at Westpark, in Ipswich Road, Colchester.

It met residents opposed to the plans at a meeting on Monday, where about 20 objectors turned up.

Stephanie Dass, who is leading residents’ opposition to the plans, said: “If these plans go ahead, you can be sure our property will be devalued and it frightens me that will not be taken into account as an objection.

“Our house is the biggest investment that we will ever make and we look to that to fund our future.

Davy Halsey, one of the parish councillors, said the objectors were “pushing at an open door” when they asked for the parish council to object to the plans.

Tim Barrott, parish council chairman, added: “We have resolved to not support the application and we will give the residents as much assistance as they need.”

The application has been called in by ward councillor Neil Stock and will be debated by the Tendring District Council planning committee before April.