In today's Gazette: Plans to pedestrianise Colchester High Street have been thrown into disarray.

A group of frustrated traders, residents and taxi drivers have criticised the uncertainty over the long-awaited scheme and it is not clear if or when a trial closure of the High Street will go ahead.

* A detective allegedly poisoned one of his colleagues after spiking his own drink with screenwash.

Gary Quigley, of Stanfield Close, Colchester, who works for the Met Police, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court charged with causing or administering poison with intent to endanger.

* Cowardly thugs attacked a woman from behind with a piece of wood.

The woman was knocked to the ground in St Peter's Street, Colchester, but fought back and refused to let the attackers take her handbag.

* A bystandstander was stabbed in the face after a brawl broke out in a petrol station.

Police are appealing for information after the disturbance in the Texaco garage in Mersea Road, Colchester, left an innocent man injured.

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