CHRISTMAS has come twice for a girl whose phone was stolen by crooks four days after she was given it as a present.


When Gazette reader Michael O'Dwyer read 12-year-old Jade De’Ath’s story in the paper, he immediately set about trying to make things right for the St Helena School pupil.

Jade, of Armoury Road, in West Bergholt, was out shopping in Culver Square, in Colchester, on December 29, when the Blackberry 9320 phone, worth about £130, was taken from her pocket.

But now Mr O'Dwyer, 65, of Crossfield Road, in Clacton, has dipped into his inheritance to buy Jade a new phone.

He said: “I read the Gazette everyday and I just thought I would like to help the girl and I had some spare money and thought ‘why not’?

“We are in really hard times and we all have to rally around to help each other.

“To be able to help is a great feeling and I just hope she enjoys it.”

Jade added: “I am really happy and it is really nice for someone to do this for me.

“I am looking forward to being able to use the messenger to keep in touch with al my friends.”