In today's Gazette: Colchester's grand Christmas market has been axed after only five days.

Stallholders quit the market, based at the former bus station off Queen Street, due to a lack of visitors.

* Burglars stole a baby's savings when they raided a house in Colchester.

The raiders struck while Paulina Wojtkowska and her family were asleep upstairs.

* The owner of a luxury penthouse on Colchester's Hythe Quay has criticised developers for what he claims is a catalogue of building blunders.

Anthony Benfield paid £289,000 for hisproperty but he said the walls creak, the windows leak and the car park and stairwell flood.

* Braintree Council leader Graham Butland has paid back £71 after discovering Lord Hanningfield spent taxpayers money buying him lunch.

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