In today's Gazette: Tesco has won a hard fought battle to open a new supermarket in Colchester.

Colchester councillors approved a controversial application for a store in Butt Road despite a furious resident protest campaign.

* Firefighters rescued a man from a locked flat after a suspected arson attack near Colchester town centre.  Crews broke down the door of the flat in St Peter's Street who was taken to Colchester General Hospital for treatment.

* A grieving family has launched a campaign after an insurance company refused to pay out.

Nic Hughes was 44 when he lost his ten month battle with cancer but Friends Life will not pay out saying he did not disclose his full medical condition.

* Colchester's new bus station is leaking. The £2 million structure - which opened last month - has been found not to be weathertight after a downpour of rain,

* A woman's body has been found under a bridge by the River Colne in Colchester.

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