A CALL to change the way Colchester’s sheltered housing complexes are operated has been rejected.

At a full council meeting, campaigner Andy Abbott handed in a petition signed by 2,369 people opposing the closure of Joyce Brooks House and Abbeygate House.

The last remaining residents of the former have agreed to move out following a year-long campaign, while the latter has been sold to become a home for retired Gurkha military veterans.

The petition also claims five more complexes are under threat and that a “privatisation by stealth” was planned.

Tina Bourne, councillor responsible for housing, responded by proposing a motion which insisted the proceeds from the sale of the two homes formed part of a £3.8 million upgrade of the borough’s other sheltered housing complexes.

The motion, agreeing to continue the authority’s sheltered housing plans, was not debated and was unanimously passed.

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