A WOMAN was labelled a benefit scrounger after using her blue badge to park near to a Colchester hospital.

Sarah Baxter, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, left her car on double yellow lines outside Essex County Hospital, in Lexden Road, to go to a regular physio session but when she returned 90 minutes later a vitriolic letter was left on her car accusing her of being a benefit scrounger.

The letter, from an anonymous person, read: “People like you scroungers on benefits should be ashamed.”

It went on: “It is people like you who have messed this country up.”

“The funny thing is, I have MS, but I don’t claim any benefits,” said a shocked Mrs Baxter, 37, who lives off Maldon Road, in Colchester.

Blue badges holders can travel more independently using the badge as it allows them to park closer to their destinations for a maximum of three hours.

Mrs Baxter has had a blue badge for four years and developed MS 18 years ago.

“It must have been somebody who saw me get out of the car but I just wish I knew who it was and I would tell them I work full-time and I earn in the top tax bracket,” the project manager added.