A CALL has been made to make children’s route to school safer after a number of near misses.

Traffic lights could be installed in Highwoods Approach, which is used by children to get to and from Highwoods Primary School.

“The head of the school has agreed for us to put forward a proposal to install a light-controlled crossing outside the surgery in Highwoods Approach,” said Gerard Oxford, borough councillor for Highwoods.

“The head has confirmed there have been a number of near misses recently and we do not want to wait until something terrible happens for action to be taken, so we are being proactive.”

The proposed crossing would be available to use all day, not just during school times.

In November 2010, the road was assessed by county hall officers but it was not eligible for funding for a lollipop lady.

That means the school would have to raise about £60,000 to pay for a lollipop lady, so alternatives have been sought.