A WOMAN who was left with devastating disabilities at birth has won a multi-million payout from the NHS.

Gemma Crabbe's lawyers argued her mother had been over-dosed with a drug to control her high blood pressure during pregnancy and that had harmed Gemma in the womb.

It was also argued that labour-inducing drugs had been used at Colchester Maternity Hospital which resulted in Gemma being delivered too quickly in March 1989.

Gemma, now 23, of Victoria Road, Walton, was left severely disabled.

Through her mother, she sued the East of England Strategic Health Authority which, despite having "strongly contested" liability in the case, today agreed to a final settlement of her clinical negligence claim.

Although the sums involved have been kept confidential, payouts running into several million pounds are routine in cases of such severe disability.

Approving the settlement at the High Court, Mr Justice Macduff said: "I never cease to be amazed to see how people react to adversity. These parents have been superb."

He told Gemma's parents: "No-one can turn the clock back but you have a gorgeous loving daughter, I can see that.

"The best that the court can do is provide proper compensation."