Eating tapas on a windy October night might not sit well with seasoned connoisseurs, but On the Corner is a gem of a place.

In High Street, Wivenhoe, the converted house, which still has outside access to the toilet, has good vibes from the moment you enter.

The all-wood and tile front desk and family-run service sets a friendly atmosphere while it also becomes quickly apparent it specialises in wine as well, with assorted drops selected for each day.

With tapas, starters and mains are not only ordered together but come in no particular order. As a result you must pace yourself.

After filling up on the fresh, warmed bread, including baguette and pitta and what tasted like popadoms, there was just about enough room to enjoy the two portions of chicken karaage, some Santa Fe potatoes, pepper paneer, beef meat balls and tempura prawns.

The prawns were ordered at the behest of my better half, who said the coating was “just right”.

So while she tucked into them, I busied myself with the meatballs, which come with a tasty spiced tomato sauce.

The pepper paneer was sold as stuffed pepper, but what came to the table was far better than I expected.

Chicken with an Indian coating on top of two sides of a red pepper, for me, it was the dish of the night.

The perfect Santa Fe potatoes were in keeping with the restautant’s “foods of the world” slogan, which explains why dishes such as calamari, halloumi, falafel and baked Somerset camembert are on the tapas menu.

By the time the two portions of chicken karaage arrived, stomach space was at a premium. But this tasty treat is a must-have.

To finish the missus opted for a lemon cheesecake, a little rich for me, while my affrogato – a cold coffee espresso with vanilla ice cream – was perfect.

The bill was £50, including a beer and a soft drink, so we probably overdid it.

Ryan Jennings

What we ate

Bread selection: £1.95

Mediterranean dips: £3.95

Pepper paneer: £4.95

Moroccan meatballs: £5.95

Tempura prawns: £5.95

Santa Fe potatoes: £4.95

Chicken karaage: £4.95

Lemon cheescake: £3.95

Affogato: £4.95

Our verdict

Atmosphere ****

Food ****

Decor ****

Value ****

Service *****