HFT, a charity whose patrons include HRH the Princess Royal, aims to make life full and interesting for people with learning disabilities. As Sandra Forsyth, Service Manager, explains, "We find creative ways to support people so that they can live life on their own terms." For example, one of the people HFT supports came up with the idea of HFT's Got Talent - an annual talent show. "It's an enjoyable way to develop their interests and the event is great fun for the whole community" says Sandra.

HFT's approach is based on person centred planning. Sandra explains, "We spend time getting to know people before tailoring our services to their individual needs and wishes. That support gives people control over their daily lives - it includes everything from cooking and paying a bill to developing a range of hobbies and skills training for starting work."

To that end, the charity has its own garden centre from where it provides a range of training and it also works in partnership with local businesses to provide employment opportunities. "Employers find that people with learning disabilities are able to transfer the skills they have learned with us to their new jobs," Sandra says.

As a pioneer in social care, HFT is always searching for new ways to develop its services. Right now it has its very own search for talent on. "We're recruiting at a range of levels," Sandra says. "We've a number of senior-level roles available that would offer experienced people a great opportunity to develop their skills and ideas. But we're also looking for people who just want to get involved in supporting people for a few hours a week." If you've got the X Factor that HFT is looking for, you can find out more about joining the team at www.ideasyoucanlivewith.co.uk