EVER thought of mixing oysters with sausages?

Well, that’s what the organisers of the Colchester Oyster Festival have done.

Don Quinn and Terry Croucher, of event organisers Snake in the Grass, have spent the last month concocting specialities the Colchester Sausage and an as-yet-unnamed sausage made in honour of the Gazette, for the event.

The two sausages will be on offer at the festival in Colchester Lower Castle Park on Saturday, September 6.

Mr Quinn said: “It’s been difficult to create different sausages. We had to work out how it could reflect Colchester, as well as creating something that tasted nice.

“It’s been hard work getting all the ingredients to work together.”

Each of the sausages begins with a base of beef, taken from fillet steak and blade steak, and oysters, before spices and other ingredients are mixed in.

A dozen oysters are used to make eight sausages.

Mr Quinn said: “I tried using pork first.

“However, I felt the flavours overwhelmed the whole thing and made it unpalatable.

“So that’s why we’ve gone with beef.”

The meat, which is cut and mixed by hand, is housed in natural hog cases, in line with most sausages bought in supermarkets.

Each sausage is then fried on a very low heat.

Mr Quinn said: “The trouble with bangers is that they do just that – they go bang if they’re not cooked properly.

“We tried oven cooking and grilling and the only thing that gave us a result was grilling.

“It is definitely something people will have to try.

“We won’t be offended if they don’t like them, but we really hope it’s a hit.”

The pair have also joined forces with Colchester butcher Allen and Son, based in St Botolphs Street, to create a pork, cider and apple sausage, which will also be on offer next month.

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of the Gazette.

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