A HIGH Court injunction has been granted to prevent people camping on the seafront ahead of Clacton Air Show.

It is the second year Tendring Council, which organises the event, has successfully applied for the order at London’s Royal Courts of Justice.

The order covers car parks, seafront roads and open spaces in Jaywick, Clacton, Holland, Frinton and as far as the Naze at Walton.

The legal move comes after travellers pitched up in Clacton’s Marine Parade West just days before the show two years ago. There were fears their caravans would disrupt the event, but they moved on before the show started.

Council tourism boss Mark Platt said it was vital to make sure the event, which attracts 140,000 people to the town and brings in about £4million to the district’s economy, is not disrupted.

“We had issues in 2012 and last year successfully applied for an injunction to ensure those problems were not repeated,” he said.

“It is unfortunate we need to go to these lengths, but the aim is to prevent disruption to the premier event on the district’s calendar.”

The injunction applies to any campervan, mobile home, caravan or tent and also covers roads adjoining the seafront.

Anyone ignoring the order can be held in contempt of court and could face prison, be fined or have their assets seized.

The order runs from August 15 to 31, which covers the air show on the weekend of August 21 and 22.