A BIKE has been stolen from a Colchester car park.

Its owner, Tom Raymer, is struggling to get to work as a result.

His mother, Ruth, has launched a social media appeal to help find it.

She wrote: “Our son, who has worked every day since he left school as an apprentice, worked hard to earn his way in life, worked hard to pay for the things he has, has had his cycle stolen in Colchester town centre.

“It was chained up on the bike racks next to the lift in St Johns car park from around 10.30am Saturday and we discovered it had been stolen when we took him to pick it up at 10.30 that evening.

“As you can see from the photo, the wheel rims do not match...the rear is shiny and brand new.

“If you see this bike, please report it to Colchester Police and also let us know by message here on Facebook.

“We know this is something small to many folk but this bike was Tom’s only means of transport to get to work each day and one which, at present, he cannot afford to replace."

A kind hearted member of the public has donated a bike for him to use.

Police are investigating the theft.

A spokesman for Essex Police described the bike as a grey Xrated 50 mountain bike with black mud guards and a new shiny silver back wheel and a black front wheel.

Anyone who has any information about the theft or knows where the bike is currently is asked to contact Colchester police station on 101.