THE swinging sixties came back to Colchester as schoolgirls donned their flares and mini dresses in a bid to learn more about when their parents grew up.

Pupils at St Mary’s School, in Lexden Road, turned back time to the era of ‘flower power’ as they joined staff in taking part in a 1960s day.

During music class, the girls sang 60s hits such as Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’, while in PE, they learned to twist before having a class on French skipping.

Later in the day, the girls were treated to a 60s disco and sing-a-long.

Anwen Jones, director of St Mary’s senior school, said: “It was a really fun day.

“It’s important the girls know something about recent history and popular culture.

“Many of them went home to learn even more about the 60s from their parents.”