TWO Elton John fans who were listening to his gig from a petrol station forecourt ended up with seats just metres from the stage.

Angela Black and her partner Graham Purtel thought the closest they would get to their idol was the BP garage, the other side of the A12 from the Weston Homes Community Stadium.

They listened to the start of the show and watched the corner of the big screen.

Then a random act of kindness gave the couple their dream tickets to the gig.

Angela, 57, of Jacksons Walk, Colchester, got chatting to a woman who was crying on the forecourt when the conversation turned to Sir Elton.

Angela said: “She said she’d had a disagreement with her husband.

“She asked if we were going to the show and I told her I didn’t have a lot of money so I couldn’t afford to go to see him, so we’d come down to the garage to listen to him.

“While we were talking she asked if I had a cigarette so I gave her one and lit it.

“Then when her partner came out she reached into his pocket and pulled out two tickets, put her arms around me and said: ‘Here, you go and enjoy yourself.”

“I was saying: ‘No, no, no’, but she just kept saying: ‘You go and enjoy yourselves.’”