Increasing public access to Brightlingsea Harbour could help attract more visitors to the town, it is hoped.

A masterplan outlining a 25 to 50-year vision for the area has been published by the Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners.

Plans include a new public walkway on the harbour’s underused hard area and upgrading the pontoon to provide water, power and wifi.

The slipway, known as the hard area, is controlled by Brightlingsea Town Council, and could be transformed, if a bid for £550,000 funding from the European Union is successful.

Alan Goggin, town councillor for regeneration and Tendring councillor for finance and transformation, is pleased with the long-term scope of the plans.

He said: "The nice thing is all parties involved - the harbour commissioners, town council and district council - are all moving in the same direction and we all want Brightlingsea to be given the best opportunity to grow."

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