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    DL1970 wrote:
    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    DL1970 wrote:
    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    DL - you seem to chosen to, or missed my point. Of course Colchester has exquisite examples of antiquity in terms of buildings which must be preserved at any cost. But there are buildings which don't make that grade, and in my personal opinion Jumbo is not worth preserving at any cost. I would support Incorporating Jumbo in a new facility for the community, say a general venue for young people at a sensible conversion. The problem Colchester has are the dinosaurs amongst the all powerful town fathers who don't have the sense to grasp the synergy of compromise - keep the bones of Jumbo within a new development. The lib dem's seem to want it preserved as a water tank at any cost - how can we justify, or find the funds to do that?
    You totally overlook the fact that Jumbo is a grade 2* listed building, and the law has to be taken into account when any decision is made regarding Jumbo's future. It cannot be demolished as you so strongly advocate because of its listed building status. The fact that jumbo is in the top 9% of all buildings of historical and architectural importance in England somewhat destroys you argument that is an ugly useless pile of bricks only worthy of demolition.
    DL, you still miss my point - I repeat, and this time I will be asking questions, - "it is my personal opinion........."

    Hope in the land of bob I am still permitted an opinion!

    I reserve the right to challenge people's sometimes blind almost dogmatic pursuit of regulation. It is my personal opinion on this matter that regulation is strangling opportunity. You will know more about it than me but I would hope that somewhere in the great book of regulation - God bless it - there is a section to enable de-classification, to make better use of what otherwise has proved to be a problematic structure.

    Perhaps we can screw some cash out the other great God of lib dem regulation, the E.U.
    Have you actually studied Jumbo up close and looked at the amazing brickwork with all the arches and buttresses? Have you taken the time to appreciate the stone masonry and the sheer engineering prowess which went into its design and construction? Have you been up the tower and seen the wonderful cast iron staircase at the top or the massive gate valve arrays beneath the tank? Maybe you'd see more than a useless pile of bricks not worthy of preservation.
    Always been involved with engineering and buildings. When I first visited Colchester in 1969 I used to sit by the castle, jumbo, town hall and eat my sandwiches each lunchtime. I moved to Colchester in 78 and used to book customers into the George. I would proudly give them the sixpenny tour of the great stuff nearby including the castle and jumbo, and they were impressed. So yes I do appreciate the detail in a structure new or old. I've been directly involved in renovation and maintenance of many high street buildings in the UK and as you can understand at least half are "old" and listed. What I really enjoy is working on one building and discovering it spans four and five hundred years. The materials may vary on one site from roof timbers reclaimed from a vessel broken up in ipswich boat yards 350 years ago, to oak framed with infill of wattle daub and/or brick. It's also been a great experience to source and use the original materials. The thing is, I personally believe buildings should be allowed to evolve by change of use and the introduction of new materials eg oak framed infill changed from W&D to brick - and maybe with Jumbo enclose the lower structure with some modern intelligent glazing to convert it into a useful venue for the community. It would give jumbo a new use and further span of life.

    Sorry but I can't agree it's useful to spend tax payers hard earned money to preserve a redundant water tower that is only a couple of hundred years old."
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Colchester water tower Jumbo up for sale

Colchester water tower Jumbo up for sale

George Braithwaite on the top of Jumbo

George Braithwaite on the top of Jumbo

First published in News by

COLCHESTER'S iconic water tower is to be sold.

Developer George Braithwaite today said he had had enough of opposition to his plans to convert Jumbo into luxury flats and offices as well as a restaurant and museum.

After nearly a decade, he revealed he is to put the Grade II listed building back up for sale.

It will be listed for auction next month. He blamed Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell for standing in the way of the development.

He said: "I can't fight that MP. He has ruined it for Colchester, for the country and for the building."

See today's Essex County Standard and Gazette for more on this story.

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