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    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    wardyt wrote:
    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    wardyt wrote:
    Angry of Lexden wrote:
    Monkey1980 wrote:
    The general consensus on this page seems to be, that Jumbo should be either demolished or left to rot?! Where is your pride in this old piece of our towns heritage?
    "Where is your pride in this old piece of our towns heritage?"

    My dear Monkey are you receiving treatment in the community, or have you escaped?

    It's a water tower and a pretty boring one too. It's ugly and has dominated the skyline since it was built. Surely there must be something more worthy of our pride.

    I say again, it's an ugly utilitarian water tower infested with flying rats. It performed a very useful function in its day. If it was a church or any type of interesting or innovative structure yes, I would agree let's preserve it, but it isn't - it's a boring ugly water tower.

    Knock it down and sell the brick as mementos. And if the lib dem's want to lie down in front of the demolition machines - great, only as long as the booby with the yellow waste coat is first in line.
    It's neither boring nor ugly, It is an amazing building.

    - Ignorant of Lexden
    I'm sorry but you must please educate me - what is amazing about it? I can only think perhaps the number of bricks? How long it took to build? How much it weighs? How deep the foundations?

    Surely Colchestrians can't limit their heritage to an ugly chunk of masonry with square bucket on top.

    This town must have something else to be proud of. Or, why not build something new and really worthy of our civic pride in the vast gap when jumbo goes where all the other white elephants end up.

    Our town hall is a great building - let's instruct a competition for British architects to offer plans for something equally useful, good to look at and available to all. Competition to be judged by a broad committee of non political Colchestrians.
    I think it's iconic and a wonderful piece of Victorian architecture. I love the town hall too and First Site which is a beautiful building which the town hates. I massively dislike the BT building, which looks like a tower of portacabins.
    Agree with you on the BT pile - the citizens of Colchester let it happen by passive blinking - and we can't blame big bob on that occasion. I respect your opinion on jumbo, but disagree personally. At 66 I feel let down by so many interfering well expensed politicians who have been pushed about by self serving permanent salaried council officers over time. I'm more than confident to conclude Jumbo is a pile useless masonry.
    Sorry, pushed the wrong button - was going on to say about Jumbo - in its practical use it was top technology of the time. But now it's best viewed as a post card in the local history section of the library, rather than a great pile of rotting masonry in the way of progress.
    Angry Of Lexden, you have obviously become very disillusioned with Colchester and its historic 'rotting piles of bricks' getting in the way of modern progress. After all, not only do we have a useless pile of bricks supporting a load of scrap cast iron, we also have a load of useless Roman masonry surrounding the town with an old gate near the useless pile of bricks which would be excellent hardcore for any modern patio. Add to that the pile of old stones stuck in the park. We could get shot of that and put all the exhibits in the modern 'First' site. We could then build a modern Premier Inn and restaurant in the new 'Non-Castle Park'. Godspeed Sir, Harlow awaits you! Your eyes can have an 'all you can eat' feast on all the modern architecture. If you find Harlow to be not quite as 'Ultra Moderne' as you would like, Milton Keynes is not too far."
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Colchester water tower Jumbo up for sale

Gazette: George Braithwaite on the top of Jumbo George Braithwaite on the top of Jumbo

COLCHESTER'S iconic water tower is to be sold.

Developer George Braithwaite today said he had had enough of opposition to his plans to convert Jumbo into luxury flats and offices as well as a restaurant and museum.

After nearly a decade, he revealed he is to put the Grade II listed building back up for sale.

It will be listed for auction next month. He blamed Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell for standing in the way of the development.

He said: "I can't fight that MP. He has ruined it for Colchester, for the country and for the building."

See today's Essex County Standard and Gazette for more on this story.

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